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Powershell fundamental knowledge (anglais)


1. About this course

This course provide students with the fundamental knowledge and skills to use Powershell.

so do not be afraid. Powershell is simple and you do not have to be a great developer. Just some computer skills

In this course we will Describe the functionality of Windows PowerShell and use it to run and find basic commands,Identify and run cmdlets for server administration, work with Windows PowerShell pipeline, query system information by using WMI and CIM, Work with variables, write basic scripts in Windows PowerShell, administer remote computers

You will be the king of automation and IT scripting!


2. Audience

Every people who want to learn Powershell

3. Prerequisite

Little knowledge on IT
If you say everyday What is Powershell
If you are not a dev guy it’s ok for you
if you want to be more clever in IT daily tasks
if you prefer to instruct yourself than watching the latest series ( I love Black Mirror…)

4 Objectives

Learn why Powershell is so important today
Learn the syntax
Learn how to use the pipeline
Learn how to use the PS Drives
Learn how to retrieve computer infos with WMI
Learn how to run command remotely
Learn how to use variables to prepare your first script
Learn how to build automation script
Learn how to manage your Windows Servers
Learn how to manage Active Directory
Learn how to implement JEA
Learn how to use Desired State Configuration instead of GPO

5. Contents

1_What is powershell
2_The syntax
3_The pipeline
4_Powershell drives
5_WMI and CIM
7_The variables
9_Managing Windows servers
10_Managing Active Directory
11_Just Enough Administration JEA
12_Desired State Configuartion DSC
13_Lab your turn

6 Related course

If you are using System Center Cinfiguration Manager (SCCM).
I have build 9 hours of Powershell focus 100 % on SCCM !!


Salut je suis Fabrice Chrzanowski. Cela fait presque 25 ans que je suis passionné par les nouvelles technologies informatiques. J'ai commencé sur des technos comme Novell Netware, puis Windows NT. J'étais alors FreeLance pendant 15 ans en France. J'ai ensuite intégré un centre de formation à Genève. Et me voici maintenant dans une belle île maltaise où je suis la fondateur du site FluctuationIT. Je peux enfin partager mes connaissances en toute liberté et faire appel à des experts rien que pour vous à un prix abordable. Mes compétences: Citrix Cloud computing (Amazon et Azure) System Center Skype pour entreprise Serveurs Windows Powershell Hyper-V et vSphere Merci à tous de me suivre.


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  • leo


    Very nice course. Tks so much fabrice and so funny Best regards